Are you interested in bringing your business to the next level? Join any of the events of Metrolina Tradeshow Expo that is in line with your business. Then watch as you see your business grow and become more competitive.  

Metrolina Tradeshow Expo is one of the best event venue facilities in the entire Charlotte, North Carolina area. The place boasts of climate-controlled facilities, a large exhibit space both indoor and outdoor, and accessibility in terms of logistics and parking. Once you are part of any of the tradeshows organized in Metrolina, this means that your business has already graduated from being a micro or small enterprise operating out of a garage. We had our garage door fixed before leaving Tucson AZ for the tradeshow

The Metrolina Tradeshow Expo offers the following services: 

  • It organizes exhibits of companies and enterprises within a certain industry. This enables businesses to showcase their goods, products and services, network with possible industry partners, get in touch with competitors and look at possible trends and opportunities within the industry.  
  • It takes care of event promotion and even company promotion. Metrolina Tradeshow Expo will ensure that you get optimum brand recognition and promotion during its events. It invites media to cover the event and even write reviews of what you offer.  
  • It provides you with a platform to build and strengthen your brand. Metrolina Tradeshow Expo enables you to flex your muscles and show the world that you have arrived.  
  • Metrolina Tradeshow Expo will even help you through its consultancy services on how to maximize your engagement with them. Depending on your goals, they can create a package that aligns with what you want to achieve for your business or organization. The goal of the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo is really to give you all the exposure you need to leverage your business.  

Currently, the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo holds big monthly events in its premises. These events include the following:  

  • Car shows 
  • Gun shows 
  • General Merchandise Shows 
  • Computer or I.T. events 
  • Design Shows 
  • Antiques and Collectibles Exhibits 
  • Auctions 
  • Receptions or Private Parties 
  • Food Festivals 
  • Cultural Fiestas or Extravaganza 
  • Religious Events 
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • And many, many more 

If you are a member of the general public and would like to enter any of our shows, just check our calendar of events and see for yourself what’s on for the month. Events that require passes or tickets are clearly marked with corresponding instructions on how to get a pass.  

If you are an exhibitor, an industry expert or a business, feel free to contact us if you want to be part of any of the shows that we hold on a monthly basis. If you wish to hold your own industry event or trade show, you may also contact us so that we can start discussions. Note that we strongly encourage you to hold your own shows at our venue regardless of the exhibits that we have on schedule. We can always discuss the best areas for you to hold your events within our grounds.