Hello there and welcome to Metrolina Tradeshow Expo – the largest facility in Charlotte, North Carolina that will help you catalyze your business to greater heights.  

As a tradeshow events place, we help industries and businesses by providing a venue for them to showcase themselves, their goods and services. But of course, this is not the only thing that we specialize in. Metrolina Tradeshow Expo offers the following: 

  • We organize various exhibits that targets different companies, organizations and industries. We offer our top of the line facilities and at the same time, we provide you with a way to connect with fellow businesses in the same industry and network with suppliers and all those within the same value chain.  
  • We provide data on market trends and opportunities that you can leverage for your business growth.  
  • We provide with all the tools necessary to promote yourself, your company,  and your offerings. We do this by getting you in contact with our strong network of media people, publicists, public relations specialists and more.  
  • We help you by personally making an evaluation of your business, determining your strengths and weaknesses and helping you forge a path to success.  

Let Metrolina Tradeshow Expo help you. Get in touch with us now.  

Our Calendar of Activities 

January 2018: Let’s start the new year right with a Grand International Bazaar of apparel and fashion accessories 

February 2018: It’s the love month. Get ahold of love potions or fragrances and or special love month gifts, travel with your loved ones and more in this special trade show.  

March 2018: Celebrate women everywhere. We observe a month long Women’s Month tradeshow featuring companies owned and run by women.  

April 2018: This is not April Fools! All gadgets and electronics from top of the line brands available at the lowest prices.