Make a Glass Garden

Antique colored glass is a new, old-fashioned trend that is brightening up homes all over the country! At the Metrolina Expo Vintage and Antique Show, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of antique colored glass bottles. Instead of going to a chain store and buying new plastic or glass bottles for this creative idea, try buying beautiful antiques with some history behind them! The glass garden idea is great for that brightly-lit corner of your home, the garden, or any spot where you want to add a little bit of life!

First, choose the bottles that you want to hang. For this project, we recommend bottles with a long, thin neck so that you can easily attach wire or twine, depending on the style of your house. If you decide to do it outside, look for a “tree” to hang them from; this could be a ready-made one, or you could re-purpose a floor lamp with a round or square lamp shade arc. To keep the bottles securely hung, wrap relatively thin wire around the neck of the bottle several times as tightly as possible (anywhere between 24 and 30 gauge will work).

To fasten the wire around the bottleneck, find the end you started with and twist it with the end that will extend up from the bottle to hang it (like a garbage twist-tie). Then simply make a loop (or three, depending on the gauge of the wire) at the end you will hang it from so that you can attach it to the hardware, or the “tree.” Try making the wires different lengths so that all the bottles will be seen and light can shine through them. If using twine, use the same process as the wire and just tie a couple of knots between the end you started wrapping the bottle with and the part that will extend from the bottle to hang it. You will also be able to tie the twine onto the hardware or “tree” to hang it.

If you decide to use a “tree” or your re-purposed floor lamp, all you have to do now is tie the twine (or twist the wire) to attach the bottles onto the frame wherever you want, and voilà! Your bottle tree is ready to brighten up your home or garden! If you decide to hang your bottles from the ceiling, you’ll have to use an expanding plastic “butterfly” sleeve so that they don’t fall. Drill a hole in your ceiling just big enough for the sleeve and tap it in with a hammer until flush with the surface. Then, using hardware (a hoop) with a screw-base, secure the plastic anchor into the ceiling by tightening the screw. Once you have all of your hoops in place, attach the long end of the wires or twine by twisting the wire onto the hoop, or making a few knots around the hoop with the twine. Enjoy your beautiful, antique colored bottles on a sunny day!

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