Revive a Vintage Chandelier

Re-claimed vintage chandeliers can be the perfect centerpiece for a room that needs a little more sparkle! At the Metrolina Expo and Antiques Show, you can find a beautiful vintage chandelier ready to be used as-is, or even a fixer-upper to customize and make your own!

If the chandelier you find is already exactly what you are looking for to brighten up a drab room, just make the necessary repairs (re-wiring the chandelier, for example, which you can learn how to do here) and hang it! A good rule of thumb is to hang the piece no closer than four feet to any wall, and no closer than about 48 inches from any furniture, if possible.

Also, make sure the fixture is hung low enough to light up the area, but not so low that someone could hit his or her head! If you have a large room to light, don’t be afraid to use more than one chandelier, the idea is to customize and decorate your space! Also, installing a dimmer switch will help create ambiance and allow for versatile lighting looks. In most cases, switching lighting fixtures is pretty straightforward, you simply have to attach the new fixture to existing wires. Always remember to shut off the power at the fuse box before beginning your work!

Another great idea is to re-do vintage chandeliers in your own personal style! This could mean painting a brass (or another not-so-cool color) fixture with a bright-colored matte paint to make a fancy, contrasting old-into-new chandelier. You could also attach crystals and beads to a plain chandelier to make it more ornate and a great focal point for your room. Check out what is available at Metrolina Expo and Antiques Show and get inspired to make a beautiful new element for your home!

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