Re-claimed vintage chandeliers can be the perfect centerpiece for a room that needs a little more sparkle! At the Metrolina Expo and Antiques Show, you can find a beautiful vintage chandelier ready to be used as-is, or even a fixer-upper to customize and make your own! If the chandelier youContinue Reading

Antique colored glass is a new, old-fashioned trend that is brightening up homes all over the country! At the Metrolina Expo Vintage and Antique Show, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of antique colored glass bottles. Instead of going to a chain store and buying new plastic orContinue Reading

Each month at the Metrolina Expo Vintage and Antique Show, we offer appraisals of all of your possible “buried treasures”! Just bring in your antiques or collectibles to see if you hit the history jackpot. It’s like having our very own “Antiques Roadshow”, right here in Charlotte! As you mayContinue Reading