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Explaining The Use Of N95 Masks

An N95 Mask is an airborne particles filtering facepiece respirator. They are typically made in China and filter 95% of all airborne particles. The N95 mask from is a popular choice among those who work in dangerous environments.

KN95 masks can be used in place of N95 masks

A KN95 mask is an alternative to the N95 mask for several reasons. These masks offer greater protection. The N95 mask, which is the recommended standard respirator by the CDC, is preferred for the general population. KN95 masks are also available.

While the majority of N95 Masks are manufactured in China, some companies have decided to start producing them in the U.S. Honeywell, a manufacturer of respiratory and fire masks, is ramping up its production in Smithfield, Rhode Island. It plans to deliver these masks to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With the opening of a new mask production line, the company hopes that 500 jobs will be created in the region.

They are accessible

If you are thinking about purchasing N95 masks for yourself, you’ve probably wondered how they can be so affordable. Fortunately, the government is distributing 400 million of these masks at no cost. They will be available at local pharmacies and community health centers.

They are regulated under NIOSH

If you work in a regulated environment and need a respirator, you should consider purchasing an N95 Mask. These masks are regulated by NIOSH and must filter out ninety five percent of the particles 0.3 microns in size or larger.

N95 respirator masks prevent contaminants from the air such as the flu virus and tuberculosis. The fit testing determines the right mask for each person, and how to wear and maintain it.

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