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Weddings are big celebrations of love. They can be anything from destination weddings to micro weddings.

Whether it’s traditional or nontraditional, there is always something new to learn about wedding ceremonies. We’ll start with the processional and then cover all the other important aspects of a marriage. Then we’ll move onto the unity ceremony. This can be a flower or sand ceremony, or a unity pillar. Then comes the officiant’s proclamation of the couple as newlyweds.


A wedding theme or style is a way of guiding the aesthetic decisions that go into planning your big day. It can be overwhelming to choose a theme, but it does not have to be restrictive. It can actually be quite the opposite.

wooden rings

A classic wedding theme is elegant, simple and stylish, with minimal decoration, coordinating colors and chic attire. This theme can be customised by adding elements that reflect your relationship history, shared hobbies and interests. It’s not uncommon for couples to pick a song that they will use as their processional. This is a great way to personalize the day.

Give your wedding a floral or greenery-based theme for an organic affair. This can include anything from flower shaped place cards to a bouquet centrepiece, moss or plant based table decorations, a botanical inspired menu and even wooden rings.

If you and your partner are lovers of travel or have friends from far-flung places, a creative travel themed wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your love of adventure. Whether you opt for maps as your table names, transport logos on the wedding invitations or having loved ones sign a globe in lieu of a guest book, this is an easily attainable theme for any travel enthusiasts.

A cottage-style wedding is for you if you enjoy a slower pace. Think of this theme like a mix between rustic and garden party twee. It has florals, gingham and accents that are a bit more dainty. This theme is also perfect for a country venue. You can personalise it further by using your grandmother’s best china to decorate.

The Ceremony

The ceremony is an important part of your wedding. It is the moment you declare your marriage and commit to it before family and friends. It is also the moment you share your vows together, which can be as unique or traditional as you wish.

A pastor or officiant traditionally begins the ceremony with a welcome and explains why everyone is there to celebrate the bride-to-be and groom. He or she can then introduce the couple’s closest friends and family who will be reading during the ceremony.

The bride and groom can enter either separately or jointly. The groom will typically walk the bride down to the altar with her father or a close male relative. In some cultures, the groom’s mother walks him down the aisle or he and his mother may hold hands as they walk together.

The officiant then asks the couple if they are present of their own free will and wish to marry one another. The couple will then recite vows that can be as formal or as personal as they wish. After they have recited their vows, an officiant can pronounce them husbands and wives. They may also recite closing blessings or prayers or read a poetry to end the ceremony.

The bride and the groom can then exchange rings, or a symbol of their commitment to eachother. Often, this is followed by a unity candle lighting ceremony where the bride and groom each light a separate candle that then burns to form a single, larger candle representing the joining of their lives. If the couple wishes to, they can then throw rice or birdseed into the air as a symbol of prosperity and good luck.


The reception is a big party to celebrate your marriage after the ceremony. It’s also a great opportunity to invite guests who couldn’t attend the ceremony. Some couples opt to have their ceremony and the reception at the same place. This can save money and rental space, and reduce travel times between venues.

Cocktail hour is usually a short time (less than 30 minutes) where guests gather to enjoy drinks, appetizers and conversation. This is a great way to introduce yourself to all of your wedding guests in one place before the actual event starts. Some brides use this time to change into the dress they will wear for the reception or a new outfit.

Once everyone has been seated, an usher or MC will announce it is time for the newlyweds’ parents to be welcomed to the reception. A toast is typically made by someone in the bridal party, and then the bride and groom are introduced for their first time as husband and wife.

After the introductions, dinner is served. The couple can choose anything from a formal meal to a Chipotle buffet catered by a caterer. Then, it is time for dancing!

Some couples include a special song for their dads, mothers or siblings. The DJ will then play a fun song to encourage everyone to dance. This is often when the most crazy dances happen! If you are having an evening wedding, you will likely have a few more traditions to follow such as a father-daughter or mother-son dance, the cutting of the cake and of course the first dance.


Weddings can be expensive, and couples can save money if they rent both the venue and the ceremony at the same time. This is a great selling point for your venue and one that can be included in the rates you set on your spreadsheet.

If you have a large outdoor space, consider putting it to good use by promoting the possibility of having an event there. Many parks and beaches allow weddings on the grounds and they often provide restrooms, picnic tables, and other necessities. This is a great way to attract couples that want an outdoor ceremony but don’t have enough space at home.

Theaters are also excellent venues for weddings. They have a lot of seating and great lighting. These venues can be used as both a ceremony and reception. They offer the opportunity to bring in entertainment like a disc jockey or live band, professional dancers (ballroom and belly dancing), magicians, electric violinists, and comics. This can make the event memorable for guests, and create a sense excitement.

Many couples hire wedding entertainers to improve the atmosphere and add entertainment value. Some of these entertainers are very popular and can be booked for a large number of events. Others are less well-known and more difficult to book.

It’s important to be honest with potential brides and grooms about your venue’s limitations. Renting portable units might be necessary, for instance, if your kitchen is small. Speak to your town about the rules and regulations that you must follow, such as decibel levels and whether you need a permit if you are using tents or any other outdoor structures. You can then include these costs on your rate sheet in order to avoid any surprises.

The Entertainment

A wedding performer can create a magical experience for your guests. They can perform during the ceremony or reception or they can mingle afterward. They will make sure that everyone has fun and can suggest activities that fit your theme. An entertainer for a wedding can also serve as an emcee. They will make announcements and ensure that everyone is aware of what’s going on.

Add some entertainment to your wedding to help break the ice with your guests. This is especially true if you are hosting a large number of people. You can hire an acrobatic pair to impress your guests with some amazing stunts. You can also set up a photobooth at the venue, and provide your guests with a variety of props for taking photos. This will create a lasting memory of your wedding and a lovely keepsake.

Hire a caricature artists to move around your tables and draw pictures of guests during the reception or dinner. Having a fortune teller read palms and tarot cards is also an option that can add some magic to your wedding. A murder mystery dinner can be a fun way to add some magic to your wedding. Your guests will solve a mystery that takes place at the venue.

Even if your guests don’t know one another well, a game of beer pong can help them bond. You can also install a microphone on a stage and let your guests sing their hearts during the reception. You can ask them to dedicate a tune to the couple or record a video for the newlyweds.

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